Vilius Vismantas

  • More than 7 years’ experience in the legal field.
  • 6-years’ experience representing Lithuanian and foreign clients in court proceedings.

As a member of the WINT team I specialise in Dispute Resolution. During my time as a legal practitioner, I have handled a wide range of legal disputes, although I have primarily concentrated on corporate disputes.

My working practice and legal studies are also closely related to Corporate, Commercial Law and Contract Law. My experience in contract negotiation and drafting, and excellent skills in the field of international commercial contracts (including contracts subject to English Law) that allows me to guarantee my Lithuanian and foreign clients the highest quality of representation in disputes arising from contractual legal relationships.

I have expertise in legal disputes in the field of Transport and Shipping, and I am currently studying Maritime Law at the University of Oslo to deepen my knowledge of Maritime Law and International Commercial Law.

Working as a lawyer in one of Lithuania’s most prominent state-owned corporate group has contributed greatly to my work experience, helping me to better understand client needs and make legal decisions that benefit corporate clients.

Legal disputes require keen analytical thinking and quick reactions—qualities that I continuously develop both in my professional environment and while playing tennis. Tennis has become a large part of my life, and it provides me with the motivation to achieve my goals not only on the tennis court, but in my professional life as well.