Rugilė Gediminskaitė

  • Over 7 years of legal experience dealing with business or intellectual property disputes.
  • I have represented clients in legal matters before Lithuanian courts, the European Court of Justice, Vilnius Court of Commercial Arbitration and the European Union Intellectual Property Office.
  • Master’s degree in Law (Vilnius University Faculty of Law), successful completion of CopyrightX learning course on copyright organised by Harvard Law School, and a course on intellectual property law organised by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

I work as a lawyer and I have been practising in business dispute resolution both in court and arbitration proceedings since the early years of my practice. In my years working for TGS Baltic, one of the largest law firms in Lithuania, I represented clients in a variety of court proceedings involving court cases regarding compensation for damage in the amount exceeding EUR 300 million; in disputes seeking to determine the liability of directors and shareholders; in legal proceedings seeking to establish professional civil liability; and in arbitration proceedings with an international element. In 2020, I successfully defended my client’s interests in a case where the Supreme Court of Lithuania, for the first time in the case law of Lithuanian courts, clarified the conditions concerning the issuer’s and the auditor’s civil liability with respect to investors.


However, my greatest ambition since my study years at Vilnius University has always been focused on intellectual property law. My Master’s thesis was aimed at examining the opportunities of legal protection of unregistered trademarks. It was recognised as one of the best three Master’s theses defended at Vilnius University Faculty of Law. In my practice as a lawyer, I have gained extensive experience dealing with disputes concerning the protection of intellectual property rights, in particular copyright and trademark protection. I have represented clients before the European Union Intellectual Property Office, Lithuanian courts and the State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania regarding trademark registration, invalidity, revocation, examination procedures and other aspects of trademark protection. I have successfully represented clients in legal disputes involving issues of selective distribution, exhaustion of trademark rights and unfair competition as well as in cases regarding copyright protection to be granted to works of art. I am particularly proud of my efforts in successfully defending my client’s interests in a legal dispute regarding the mandatory rebroadcasting obligation prescribed by legal regulation where the Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania issued a clarification which had no precedent in the case law of Lithuania. I also represented my client before the European Court of Justice in the afore-mentioned case.


Besides my practical experience in intellectual property law, I also constantly seek to improve my academic knowledge. I have successfully completed CopyrightX learning course on copyright organised by Harvard Law School in which I studied the United States copyright regulation and its abundant case law. I have also completed a learning course on intellectual property law organised by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). I am continuing to pursue studies in this field by participating in the programmes curated by this organisation. I also share my knowledge that I have gained in intellectual property law and dispute resolution with the legal community. The latest issue of the journal Arbitražas. Teorija ir Praktika (Arbitration. Theory and Practice) published in 2020 featured my analysis in which, for the first time in the Lithuanian legal literature, I examined, in great detail, the arbitrability of intellectual property disputes in Lithuania and beyond.


Since I am very passionate about my work, I choose free time activities that are quieter and more relaxed. For many years now, I have been practising yoga and meditation. I also enjoy long hikes through the countryside. I live by the rule that you should be where you can provide as much value to people as you can.