Marius Matiukas

  • 14 years ‘ experience specialising in banking and finance law, corporate law and transactions at the largest law firms and the European Investment Bank
  • Providing advice in obtaining funding and insurance for the LNG terminal project in Lithuania
  • Developing financial engineering instruments for the multi-apartment building modernisation programme
  • Chairingthe Loans Committee of the bank Snoras, AB during bankruptcy proceedings

I am an associate partner heading the Finance Practice Team at WINT law firm. I have extensive experience spanning over 14 years, and my fields of specialisation include real estate, energy and, most predominantly, banking and financial law. I am pleased to see that due to its progressive legal environment, Lithuania has developed auspicious conditions for the development of new financial business models. This sector is my area of expertise, and it provides multiple professional opportunities to my team.

My experience with the banking sector is particularly broad: I have advised the bankruptcy administrator of Ūkio bankas in bankruptcy administration procedures, carried out an analysis of financing documents of the borrowers of SEB bank, and drafted an share distribution agreement on behalf of Swedbank. I have also taken part in establishing credit unions, advised on the acquisition of shares for Šiaulių bankas, and gained work experience at Luminor bank. My experience often crossed country borders and includes projects from outside of Lithuania: I advised Hypo, one of the largest German banking groups, on the transfer of bad portfolio assets to a bad loan portfolio company established by the German Government, and represented my clients in disputes with banks.

Although banking is my strength, my expertise is much broader than that. I have advised Baltcap on setting up the first venture capital fund for investment in Lithuanian SMEs, Auga Group on organising the public distribution of shares and having them traded on the regulated markets of Lithuania and Poland, and Mezzanine Management on investing €23.3 million into Mogo Finance, a company providing car leasing and leaseback services, among many others. In addition to the clients mentioned above, I have worked with market leaders Akropolis Group, Maxima Grupė, Monetha, Klaipėdos Nafta, Brolis Semiconductors, multiple insurance companies and other blue-chip companies.

My most significant achievement thus far is providing legal assistance to the European Investment Bank (EIB) in developing financial engineering instruments for an innovative financial engineering project in Europe. Other notable projects include representing a client in obtaining financing and insurance for the LNG terminal project, development of financial engineering instruments for the multi-apartment building modernisation programme, and advising the European Commission on legislation applicable to insurance contracts.

I am happy to share my experience with both my colleagues at the law firm and university students, as I teach legal regulation of financial markets and property law at Vilnius University.

I like to be active in both professional activity and during my free time, during which I enjoy mountaineering and hiking.

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