Tomas Kajackas

  • 17 years’ experience in public procurement
  • Contributed to the development of a public procurement regulatory environment
  • Supervised the procurement of the OSCE Ministerial Council plenary session organization services in Lithuania

I am a senior associate and head of the Public Procurement Legal Team at WINT. As its leader, I strive to pass down my experience of 17 years gained in representing both suppliers and contracting authorities, and to share my knowledge on reducing public procurement risks.

My most significant professional projects include legal audits of public tenders for contracting authorities in health care and transport sectors, consulting on the improvement of their public procurement processes and drafting internal regulations related to the recommended changes.

I have provided legal assistance to educational institutions in the planning and selection of public procurement methods. This included providing advice on public procurement documentation and procedure implementation issues, representing my clients in pre-trial claims settlement procedures and assisting them in resolving legal disputes concerning the implementation of projects financed by EU Structural Funds. Having carried out legal oversight of infrastructure upgrading projects financed by EU Structural Funds, I have gained comprehensive expertise in the area of project financing.

I have also carried out legal supervision of the procurement of the OSCE Ministerial Council plenary session organization services in Lithuania, and drafted and negotiated contracts and agreements with third parties.

My clients include strategically significant Lithuanian companies, such as Klaipėdos Nafta, Lietuvos Geležinkeliai and other railway infrastructure companies Vitras S and Skinest Baltija, passenger transportation company B-Bus, waste management company Ecoservice, pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies Elme Messer LIT and Arbor Medical Corp, high-tech companies Brolis Semiconductor and Audiotonas, and Ūkio Bankas.

Achieving professional heights is not my only aspiration in life. I love real mountains and the challenge of climbing them. Water sports is another favourite pastime of mine.

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