Saulius Urbonavičius

  • 15 years’ experience in legal disputes
  • Expert in complex and complicated disputes
  • Representing a bank undergoing bankruptcy in transaction dispute cases worth €100 million

I am an associate partner at WINT law firm with 15 years’ experience in dispute resolution. Clients often turn to me for expert opinion on disputes. I accept this as both a high appraisal of my work and a great responsibility.

I am happy to share my extensive experience and draw inspiration from my strong team. I also believe that I instill a sense of ambition among colleagues. Leadership encourages my team and me to grow professionally, reveal our talents and be forward-thinking. Therefore, I naturally tend to take charge of activities that I find important. For example, I served as the Chair of the first Student Parliament of Lithuania. My belief in the value of knowledge sharing led me to teach at the university for several years. Today, I try to make a difference as a member of the Council of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences.

One of my most significant projects was the successful representation of one of the largest transport companies in Lithuania in a legal dispute over a €4 million claim for additional work and a €15 million counterclaim for default interest. I have also represented a bank undergoing bankruptcy in civil cases of transaction disputes, totalling over €100 million. In addition, Iadvised one of the largest insurance companies in the world.

Over the years of my legal practice, I have represented a number of construction, manufacturing, commercial and financial companies in a variety of disputes. I have worked with major market players such as Hanner, Skinest Baltija, Vitras S, Klaipėdos Nafta, the Ministry of Health, Dolomitas, Lelija, Amber Grid, Šiaulių Bankas, Ermitažas, Snoras bank undergoing bankruptcy, Ūkio Bankas undergoing bankruptcy, Enerstena, Vilniaus Šilumos Tinklai, Rivona, Nematekas, SEB bank, IDS Borjomi Beverages Co. N.V., among many others.

I am open to new information and always try to understand the subtleties of different businesses, beyond their legal aspects. After a long day of work, I enjoy cooking and discovering new flavours.

For more details, please visit my LinkedIn profile.