Giedrius Danėlius

  • 23 years ‘experience in criminal law
  • Secured outcomes that are in our clients’ best interests in high-profile criminal cases
  • First-class Police Distinction Badge “Guardian Angel” and second-class medal of Public Prosecutor’s Honorary Badge
  • Head of the Committee on Criminal Law and Procedure at the Lithuanian Bar Association

I have more than 20 years of experience in specialising in criminal law and criminal procedures, and I have performed legal services in Lithuania’s three major cities on a continuous basis. My experience has been acquired through work conducted for three regional prosecutor’s offices, and through heading the county and regional prosecutor’s offices of one of Lithuania’s major cities. I currently serve as the head of the White-Collar Crime Practice Team at WINT.

My most significant professional achievements include the successful defence of President Dalia Grybauskaitė’s spokesperson, Daiva Ulbinaitė, regarding the unauthorised disclosure of state secrets and official misconduct during pre-trial investigation and court proceedings in the courts of all three instances. Additionally, I have represented a bankruptcy administrator in a pre-trial investigation regarding the misappropriation of Snoras bank funds and related money laundering. I have also represented a bankruptcy administrator in a pre-trial investigation concerning the misappropriation and embezzlement of Ūkio Bankas funds. I have considerable experience of acting as a defence lawyer for famous businesspeople and have also defended businesses in cases involving alleged VAT and income tax fraud. A prime example of this is the seminal court victory achieved for the wholesale floral industry. My list of clients includes Zimmer Sweden, Mars Lietuva, Klaipėdos Nafta, among many others.

I take pleasure in devoting a great deal of my spare time to sports, and have recently become a triathlon enthusiast.

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