Daiva Vyčinienė

Data Protection Expert

  • 15 years of experience working for a data protection authority
  • Member of the Working Group of the State Data Protection Inspectorate which was responsible for drafting national legislation implementing the General Data Protection Regulation
  • Member of the Lithuanian Association of Data Protection Officers

Working in the field of data protection is both my job and my passion. With a career spanning over 15 years in data protection, I have acquired extensive experience working for data protection authorities in implementing oversight of data controllers, managing the examination procedures of personal complaints, providing advice to data controllers, addressing issues relevant to both private and public sectors and drafting legislation on data protection.

I have been working with e-commerce, mobile app development and electronic communication sectors as well as healthcare institutions, ministries and other public bodies. In 2019, I provided consultations to the telecommunications operator Tele2 on the issues concerning the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Conducting trainings has also been an important part of my career. I have 200 academic hours under my belt in conducting trainings on data protection.

Like most of us, I enjoy travelling during my free time and I am very excited to share my travel experiences and adventures and to learn those of others in order to get to know people better.

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