Daiva Ušinskaitė-Filonovienė

  • Founder of the law firm WINT
  • More than 20 years’ professional legal experience
  • Unique experience in challenging and complex disputes requiring quick and expeditious decisions
  • Member of the Council of Business Associations and of their Legal Practice Committees

When you devote more than 20 years to a particular activity, it doesn’t stop at just work. It goes on to become a way of life. I am happy to have had the opportunity to bring together a team of confident, competent and motivated professionals who are eager to grow professionally.

I am currently serving as the head of the Dispute Resolution Practice Team at WINT. During my practice, I have gained extensive experience in providing legal advice both to individuals and groups of clients in shareholder disputes in some of the highest-profile cases involving adjudication of damage claims in the history of Lithuanian law. I have represented more than 400 clients in various bankruptcy and restructuring cases and international bankruptcy processes. My professional experience has led me to the realisation that I create the greatest value for my clients in situations where there is a need to quickly and accurately identify problems and find efficient solutions. Hence, it is in complex business disputes where I excel most.

Amongst my most significant projects is the representation of a bank undergoing bankruptcy in cases totalling €500 million. I have also represented a U.S. pharmaceutical company before an extended composition of judges at the EU Court of Justice during the examination of issues related to Lithuania’s EU Accession Treaty and patent protection. Moreover, I have some experience in cases involving deliberate bankruptcy. I have represented creditors in a deliberate bankruptcy case involving one of the largest shipping companies in Lithuania.

I take part in various business associations: I am a member of the Committee on Commercial Law and Practice at the Lithuanian Business Confederation and a former member of the Lithuanian Investors Association. In 2012–2013, I was appointed as a member of the Consumer and Bank Council of Lithuania.

I have worked with Snoras bank, Ūkio Bankas, Skinest Baltija, Marijampolės Pieno Konservai, Baltcap, Valnetas, Light Conversion, Maxima Group, Dolomitas, and Vilniaus Šilumos Tinklai.

My friends and family like to joke that people should not mess with me as I enjoy working on my martial arts skills in my spare time and I have earned a belt in Karate.

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