Andrius Iškauskas

  • 15 years of experience in technology law and intellectual property law
  • Strong expertise in the technology industry
  • Professional accomplishments include blocking access to and the largest acquisition transaction in the Lithuanian IT sector in 2019, among many others.
  • Recognition by market leaders and international legal directories including Legal 500, Chambers & Partners, IP Stars, Who’s Who Legal and others.

I am head of the Technology and Media Practice Team at WINT law firm.  It is my leadership in the field that has allowed me to gather together such a dynamic and professional team of legal practitioners at WINT, and this, in turn has provided me the opportunity to continue to thrive and grow. I am passionate about my work, and my subject. Indeed, I have such experience and have invested so much of my free time in expanding my knowledge of technology that many of my clients comment that my experience in the technology industry is as strong as my legal knowledge.

I have assisted LATGA, a copyright management association, in resolving issues that were particularly sensitive for artists and content creators in Lithuania, and I take great pride in the fact we managed to secure a historical victory which led to a blocking injunction being issued against the illegal file-sharing website and significant restrictions being imposed on illegal content sharing in Lithuania. This dispute against online pirating was the largest ever to occur in Lithuania.

I also take special pride in the fact that I assisted the leading telecommunications operator Tele2 in the rolling out of processes in response to the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). I have also provided legal advice to the leading media organisations Delfi and LRT, as well as technology and IT companies, among them Altechna, NFQ, Dokobit, and Diginet. I have provided legal assistance to the Motion Picture Association of America, advocate for major U.S. film studios and Netflix, as well as the American video game developer, Epic Games. My clients include startups and businesses specialising in sales and manufacturing, including IKEA Lietuva, Pieno žvaigždės, HumansApp (Qoorio) and many others whose activities involve technology and innovations.

My professional expertise and knowledge, legal know-how based on market practice and court achievements are very much appreciated by our clients, and I have received recognition for my work from the legal profession. I have been ranked among the top market professionals in IT, intellectual property and copyright law by international law directories, Legal 500, Chambers Europe, IP Stars and Who’s Who Legal for a number of years .

I share my experience and know-how with the business community: I am a member of the Presidium of the Lithuanian Business Confederation and I am serving as a Deputy Chair of the Digital Economy Committee.

I enjoy programming in my spare time and clients are often surprised that I speak their language. My current interest is machine learning.

For more details, please visit my LinkedIn profile.