WINT advised amCharts on software licensing

WINT IP & Technology, Media, and Telecommunications practice group advised amCharts – the world leading developer of JavaScript / HTML5 charts and maps data-viz libraries – on the software licensing models and drafted a bundle of software license agreements.

The client has had developed a complex software solution which allows website and application developers to integrate interactive charts and maps into their products.

The client needed an over-reaching but uniform licensing model which could be easily fitted for every use case and for various customers and which allowed to increase the revenues.

Associate Maciej Mikelevic and partner Andrius Iskauskas not only drafted 5 separate licensing agreements but also advised the client on the possible licensing models. Maciej’s experience in the field of software development allowed us to talk in the same language as the industry does and understand the client’s needs better.

Should you be interested in the final product of our teamwork, you can find the amChart licenses here.